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Pre Engineered Building Manufacturer In Satara

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PEB 360° Solutions

Your Full Scope Pre Engineered Building Company.

Pre Engineered Building Manufacturer Company In Satara

PEB 360° Solutions is a leading PEB Manufacturing Company in Satara. We provide one stop PEB solutions to our customers in Satara

We have one of Central India?s largest PEB component manufacturing facilities strategically located at the steel hub of central India i.e. Bhandara Road, Nagpur. Our State-of-Art Manufacturing plant has world class infrastructure turbo charged with latest tech enabled machinery. We have executed many projects Satara and can provide best rates for your PEB Structures in Satara.

Popular Applications


Industrial Shed

Pre Fabricated Industrial Sheds are the most promising option for Industrial Buildings due to its dynamic use cases & numerous advantages. We deliver Pre Fab Industrial sheds not only as a service but as a solution.

Dal Mill PEB 360_edited.jpg

Dal & Rice Mills

Mill Owners often don't have time to engage in construction nor the risk apatite to bare delays and errors. We at PEB 360° Solutions are experienced in delivering Dal Mill & Rice Mill projects with proper timeline & customer satisfaction.

PEB 360 Warehouse_edited_edited.jpg


Warehouse construction require an intelligent work process. We understand that it is important to to utilise space efficiently and there should not be any compromise in technical detailing while warehouse construction.


Logistics Park

Logistics parks have made significant contributions not only to the freight industry, but also to urban development and social benefits. We take pride in being the top choice of major logistics organisations for their Logistics Park PEB.

Modern Office Building_edited.jpg

High Rise Buildings

High rise steel buildings are in trend as steel construction enables speedy construction with optimum quality. 


Metro Rails Stations

We provide our Pre Engineered Building services to organizations dealing with metro construction. We have successfully delivered numerous metro station projects.

Why PEB 360° Solutions?

Optimized PEB designs to save on your cost of the structure.

Economies of Scale

Installed capacity of 4000 Tons to never say “No” to your demand and provide services at competitive rates.


TQM* compliance Project Management standards that allow us to deliver

“right product” to “right

person” at “right time”.

(*TQM = Total Quality Management)

Experienced team

Our team of qualified engineers do not learn at customer's cost.

Best Quality

Our experience in PEB structures ensures that we never play with structural strength for short term gains leading to long term disadvantage to our clients.

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