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About Us

We are a Pre Engineered Building manufacturing company with a production capacity of 4000MT/Month. We have a dynamic work experience in the PEB industry as we provide 360 solutions for your PEBs under one roof. Our State-of-Art PEB manufacturing plant is one of its kind in central India turbocharged with the latest technology and modern machinery, It is located at the steel capital of India i.e. Bhandara Road giving us an unfair advantage over our competitors. We make sure that our Pre Engineered Buildings are resilient, and customized as per the need of our customers.

Our Black & White. Nothing Grey! approach approach reflects our value system of being transperent to our customers. PEB360 Solutions in the best Pre Engineered Building Company choice for you, if you are looking for construction of PEB Industrial Shed, PEB warehouse building, PEB Dal Mill, PEB Rice Mill, PEB Sortex Mill, PEB Cold Storate Building, PEB Logistics Park Project and everything in and around structural steel construction. PEB360 Solutions (India) LLP is One of Central India’s largest Pre Engineered Building manufacturers, with an impressive production capacity of 4000MT per month. Our profound expertise in the PEB industry is showcased through our comprehensive 360-degree solutions, all conveniently accessible under a single roof. Our State-of-the-Art PEB manufacturing plant is equipped with cutting-edge technology and modern machinery, this facility, located on the renowned Bhandara Road, Nagpur i.e the steel capital of India, provides us with an undeniable edge over our competitors. Our commitment to resilience and customization ensures that each of our Pre Engineered Buildings is tailored to the precise requirements of our esteemed clientele. A steadfast commitment to transparency defines our ethos – a Black & White, No Grey Areas approach that resonates deeply with our clients. PEB360 Solutions emerges as the Best Pre Engineered Buiding (PEB) Company whether you are seeking the construction of a PEB Industrial Shed, PEB warehouse building, PEB Dal Mill, PEB Rice Mill, PEB Sortex Mill, PEB Cold Storage Building, PEB Logistics Park Project, or any other structural steel construction endeavor, we stand ready to exceed your expectations. Contact our PEB Solutions Architects for your Pre Engineered Building requirements.

Brand Story






Humble beginning in Pre Engineered Buildings.

Quality endorsed by leading corporates like Nagpur Metro.

Registered growth of 300% even during COVID-19 Pandemic Times

Upgraded manufacturing infrastructure to a modern 4000MT/Month  

Installed capacity plant with state of the art facilities: One of the largest in Central India.

Became one of India's leading PEB companies

Our 5S Methodology

The 4 Pillars of our Brand

Asset 6.png


Truth is the only communication used. 

We have no shade of grey between our black and white.

Asset 3.png


Competence delivered with Honesty and Sincerity.



More Rupee Per Rupee. 

For every Rupee invested by our customers with us, we will give more value than the value of Rupee invested.



To be the cornerstone of Pre Engineered Building from design to delivery.

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