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Mistake No. 1
Skipping the Verification of Building Permits and Codes.

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This mistake can result in the inspectors refusing the permit of your steel building construction. The National Building Code of India (NBC2016) mentions the codes and provisions related to the design of the new building. Make sure your entire

pre-engineered design, steel building construction, or any building related affair follows all the building codes provided by the federal, provincial, and municipal government. Take your time to check the National Building Code  before getting started.

Mistake No. 2
Operating Without an Instruction Manual.

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When you opt for the fabricated structure design, you should follow an instruction manual. The stability and quality of the structure will depend on how your steel structure is erected. To maximize the quality and the stability, you as a builder need to follow the designing and erection manual. The manual contains proper instructions for the use of steel building kits and the in-depth details of techniques required to put them together.

Steel module kits are specifically designed to carry certain loads and assembling plans. Every part of the kit contributes to the support of the building and fabricates it to have a specific size and shape. But every steel building kit has a different manual because every steel kit is designed and fabricated according to unique specifications. If you avoid or alter the instruction manual and steel kits, you may risk the stability of the structure that will result in Mistake no 3.`

Mistake No. 3
Not Creating a Base Plan.

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This is the most common mistake even a seasoned builder can make. 

Before you start with the steel building construction work, you need to make a base plan. It is important to create a base plan that includes:

  • Generation of the required activities,


  •  Analysis of the implications of these activities, and


  •  Choice among the various alternative means of performing the activities.


Making a plan helps you to plan out your expenses and prevents you from exceeding your budget. It gives you a rough estimate in design and planning of the steel building construction.

Mistake No. 4 
Neglecting the Necessary Materials and Equipment

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To reduce costs, many builders might not use the necessary equipment. It can be the biggest mistake since doing so not only affects the quality of your work but also puts your workers at risk. Being a builder, you need to ensure the safety of your workers. All the builders, workers, and other people on site should wear the right safety and protective equipment before entering the work site.

Using basic equipment even reduces the time taken in constructing the building. When you run your project correctly and efficiently with the right safety equipment, you ensure the stability and quality of the steel building construction.

Mistake No. 5
Choosing the Wrong Insulation.

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Often architects focus on protecting the wood and other materials from fire, but miss out on steel components. It is a very common and costly mistake for any steel builder. Steel can quickly heat up due to fire. You will need a different type of insulation for steel structures.


There are many types of insulation for steel structures such as:

Reflective Foil – It is a type of waterproof insulation with a reflective surface to brighten the interior of the building.


Fiberglass Blankets – It is the most common and least expensive method. This insulation provides protective facing and enhances the interior appeal.


Insulated Panels – These panels are made of two metal panels with an insulating foam core between them.


Rigid Board – It is a universal way to insulate the steel building. It can be an effective way to insulate any steel building as well as dampen the exterior noise.


Once you find the right insulation, you need to follow the instructions to install it properly. Applying insulation is a difficult procedure as you have to remove the plasterboard and redecorate all over again. Avoid any gaps that can form escape routes for heat.

Mistake No. 6
Hiring a Wrong or Cheaper Erector.

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Hiring a professional builder is essential. An experienced and professional builder provides you with quality products and workmanship. They also assist you with any modifications needed in your design. Hiring a wrong builder can result in inappropriate steel structures and buildings that aren’t up to the mark. An inexperienced builder may not even know the right process of erecting steel buildings and may not even comply with the building codes.

In a Nutshell 

If you are thinking of making a pre engineered building structure it is important that you understand these mistakes and not repeat them for yourself. Many times , it is a case of being “penny wise and pound foolish”! Let us invest in a PEB Solution and not spend on a PEB product.

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