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Estimating the cost of a Pre Engineered Building Requires a lot of sensible decision-making than just calculating. It not only depends upon the rate of steel but there are several factors such as Land & Location, Utility, dimensions, Bay spacing, optimum use of steel, cost of the civil foundation, Accessories required, and Transportation and Installation costs that are necessary for estimation.

We have listed 5 Steps that will help to Estimate the cost of your Pre Engineered Building.

Step 1: Calculate the cost of landfilling if required.

Identify the land and location of the Building and evaluate the level of the land in reference to the level of the nearest road network.

Step 2: Calculate the cost of Civil Foundation and PEB Components required in the building.

Get the Drawing and Structural Analysis done, as per the Dimensions (Length, width & height) of the building.

Step 3: Calculate the costs required to solve the complexities.

Identify the complexities of the Building Structure, so that the costs could be calculated.

Step 4: Calculate the Transportation Costs.

Distance of the place of sourcing the materials & PEB Components.

Step 5: Resources required in the Installation of the Building.

Calculate the cost of Installation of the Building.

However, it is recommended to consider the benefits of professional planning and project management to ensure that your cost is optimum.

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