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Good ventilation is necessary for a comfortable working environment. People often confuse ventilation with air conditioning, one must understand the exact meaning of the term ‘Ventilation’ i.e Exchange rate of air inside the building with the air outside the building per hour. 


The recommended air exchange per hour varies with respect to the use of the building. 

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Ventilation of the building is designed using the Air change method.


You must define the volume (V) of the building in m3 (meter cube)  & then based on the required air changes per hour determine the total airflow per second.


Airflow = (N xV)/(60x60) 

You must know that the typical method of moving air inside the building is by using wall openings & Louvers whereas air is moved out of the building using roof monitors, roof-mounted gravity ridge ventilation, and roof-mounted power ventilators.

1. Turbovents

Turbo vents are most economical ventilation solution for Prefab buildings. They are easily adoptable & their air displacement capacity is high. These are dombe-shaped  & wind driven. The main advantage of this system is that they can be installed in numbers even after the construction of the shed is completed.

2. Roof Monitors

Roof monitors are the most treditional form of ventilators used in industries. They are integrated into the steel buildingshed & are fabricated along with it as per the requirement of ventilation in the building. Ideally they are used in industries where pollution is high.

3. Ridge Vents

Ridge Vents are smaller form of roof monitor it comes in the standard size of 600 mm throat size and 3000 mm length. It can be installed at regular interval or continuously at the ridge line of new or old constructed sheds. These are light in weight hence does not require no change to existing structure. Ridge vents are effective ventilation tool which provides exit of hot air from ridge line of the steel buildings. 

4. Industrial Louvers

Industrial Louvers are the preferred choice for industries with high heat generation. The louvers facilitate huge intake of cooler atmospheric air from it surrounding. To facilitate this they have to be sturdily built, preferably along with shed. Clients can choose to get them built continuously or in particular sections of the shed as required.

5. Fixed Louvers

Fixed Louvers allow steady flow of cooler atmospheric air to move inside the steel buildings. They are the best suited for light industries and warehouses. They are made from the same color coated material as used in the cladding sheet and aesthetically very good-looking. It is very lightweight and easy to install.

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