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How do you choose your PEB Vendor?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

As the PEB industry is growing a lot of vendors have entered the market to serve the customers. A good vendor ensures the optimum design, material quality, timely delivery, and after-service of your structure. Understanding the fundamentals on which you select your PEB vendor is essential. Check out 6 points you can’t afford to miss!

How do you choose your PEB Vendor
How do you choose your PEB Vendor

1. Visit their Manufacturing Plant.

Many PEB customers do not pay attention to the manufacturing facilities of their PEB vendors. You must know the machinery, the equipment, the processes & the team behind it to ensure that the PEB components manufactured are of the best quality.

Please make use of this checklist to choose your PEB vendor:

  • Check the size of the factory, and whether they can stock the raw material.

  • Cutting is done with a High Definition Plasma CNC Cutting Machine as precision points of cutting are defined by CNC machines leading to accurate cuts.

  • Drilling is done with CNC Drilling Machine as Stacking plates up to 100 mm each can be stacked up to 4 stations.

  • Automated H-Beam Line with flipper and transfer mechanism is used to make sure that the process is very fast as the Flipper and Transfer mechanism ensure that the H-Beam is flipped and put back for welding on the reverse side with automation.

  • Welding is done with 2 H-Beam Line (Primo make) with automatic dual flip and Three splicing stations.

  • Bending is done with Hydraulic Ironworker 165 Tons with two stations that can work concurrently.

  • Painting to be done with Shot blasting as per SA 2.5 standards is a must for surface finish and to make the same ready for painting.

  • Check whether they have proper Workmanship.

2. Observe their Promise Quotient.

Nobody likes to work with people who do not keep their promises & why would you like the same?

So keep track if they are overprocessing & delivering or vice versa.

Here is a simple formula to measure the PQ (Promise Quotient)

PQ= Promises Kept/Promises Made

3. The speed of their execution.

As PEBs are mainly used to construct commercial buildings, businesses could not afford a lazy and unorganized system of delivery. So you must be aware of their delivery speed in order to not get into losses due to your PEB vendor.

As you know, Time is Money. So keep a strict observation on this point so you don’t suffer due to your PEB Vendor.

Here are some parameters you can use to validate this point.

  • Check whether they use any project management tools like EN Tasks, Trello, or Google Workspace.

  • Start judging them with the attitude they reach out to you.

  • How much time do they take to give the quotation?

  • How fast do they revert back to you after your queries and changes?

  • Be keen to search about their market reputation.

  • Look at their Social reviews and chat with their existing customers.

  • Find testimonials on their website.

4. Visit their Previous Projects.

You should visit the projects executed by your PEB vendor previously to ensure the overall result of their work is optimum or not. You must observe their work to every detail & see if they have missed out on anything you would want in your project.

This activity is also important to make sure whether that particular vendor is competent enough to execute a project of scale and quality as yours.

The points you must look for while your visit to their Previous Projects.

  • Ask them to take you to a completed or running site similar to yours.

  • Ask relevant questions to their site supervisors about the work.

  • Observe the material quality.

  • Check the finishing of their work.

  • Check if the roof leaking.

  • Is the paint holding on for projects greater than 5 years?

  • Is the skylight now dirty? And no longer functions as a skylight.

  • Is there rust anywhere on the structure?

  • The color of polycarbonate sheets has not faded over the years.

5. Do not go for the cheapest option.

PEB Customers generally look at a few quotations & then finalize the cheapest option available. They do not realize the importance of optimum designing, manufacturing process, best erection practices & perfect workmanship which results in a valuable product for the customer.

Instead, ensure these points so that you save your money for real.

  • Vendors must work on deadlines and finish their work on time.

  • They must only use Standardized material.

  • Their design team must be creative and open to finding possibilities for saving your costs on space, material, and labor.

  • Check what is the grade of steel used

  • The Screws used (Screw down Tech) should be 1000 salt spray Test

  • Make sure mastic tape is used on the joints.

  • Bubble sheets are used.

  • Downspouts should not have any choke and allow free flow of water.

  • Water harvesting was considered.

  • A caged ladder has been provided to facilitate the cleaning.

  • The color of polycarbonate sheets has not faded over the years.

  • The paint coating has been done after the surface finish of grade SA2.5

6. Trying to replace a structural consultant with a fabricator.

Consulting a structural consultant is one of the most important steps when it comes to PreFab Construction. He not only gives you a proper Layout for your PEB but he ensures that the space is utilized properly.

He helps you with the technical specifications of the Pre Engineered Building such as flooring, Savage Treatment, Drainage System, fire fighting system, power-saving techniques, etc.

He makes sure that the collateral loads and structural deflections due to sudden seismic or wind changes are fully considered

So please do not try to save on the cost of an Architect and a Structural Consultant for your PEB.

Keep this blog saved with yourself and share it with people you feel must go through this so as to not be mistaken while choosing a perfect PEB vendor.


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