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What is the difference between a conventional building and a PEB building?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

What is the difference between a conventional building and a PEB building
What is the difference between a conventional building and a PEB building

There is always a debate around the corner about whether PEB is better than conventional RCC Structure. Although PEB is gaining popularity in recent times as a result of its remarkable properties and advantages. PEB Construction combines the better properties of both steel and concrete along with lesser cost, speedy construction, better quality control, and overall sustainability. We did a comparison that will help you decide.


Pre Engineered Buildings

RCC Buildings


Done in factories & in controlled conditions.

Mostly at the site in variable conditions.


Made in Factories hence onsite labour is incredibly low.

High manpower is required.

​Material Specifications

Fixed material specifications for an accurate delivery.

​Not fixed and can vary depending upon the site condition.

Quality Control

​Manufactured in factories with the help of computerised machines, so there is no chance of poor quality.

As most of the work is executed on the site there are chances of error.

Load Bearing

Steel carries up to 6 times of its weight.

​The carried load of concrete is almost equal to its weight

​Earthquakes / Wind Resistance

Highly resistant to earthquakes and wind.

Less resistant to earthquakes and low wind Resistance


Due to light weight structure, the foundation is light and comparatively easy to construct.

Heavy foundations are required.

Clear Spans

Larger Spans upto 90 m

Smaller spans


Changes & revisions can be done easily.

Future expansion is simply possible.

It is nearly impossible to make any changes after the construction.

Expansion is a hectic task.

So there is no doubt about PEB is the most efficient one in comparison between PreFab Buildings & Conventional RCC buildings. We at PEB 360° Solutions as a PEB vendor have the best resources and equipment to leverage all the benefits of the Pre Engineered Buildings delivering the best quality with proper supply chain management backed by a State-of-Art Manufacturing facility due to which we give the best competitive rates.


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