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Regular PEB Customer Vs Excellent PEB Customer.

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Regular PEB Customer Vs Excellent PEB Customer
Regular PEB Customer Vs Excellent PEB Customer

Item / Activity

Regular PEB Customer

Excellent PEB Customer

Choice of PEB Vendor

Vendors who can give good price and quality, to the best of their knowledge.

Selects a Vendor who understands good quality and can deliver good quality on time without being too expensive.

Requirement Sharing

Decides on the dimensions of the building and asks for a design and cost estimate.

Land selection, Overall layout design of land by an expert, groundwater drainage design by an expert. After this the PEB customer invites the PEB vendor to decide on the best possible dimension and create an optimized design.

Design Optimization

Demand low weight of the structure and therefore a low cost of the PEB structure with little or no effort to understand the stability of the structure thereby forcing the PEB vendor to circumvent structure stability.

Demands an optimum PEB structure with priority consideration of wind, soil and seismic stability of the structure at the best possible cost. The stability of structure is of prime concern to the customer. He makes an effort to understand stability of structures.

Cost Guesstimation

Understands steel prices and considers a conversion cost on the same to arrive at the cost estimate.

Makes an effort to understand material specifications and make of steel, accessories and collaterals.

After this they look for a credible source of all materials rather than believing that the cheapest available material is the best , even within defined grades.

Order finalization

Finalizes order on the basis of best rates available per sq feet or per kg.

Finalizes order on the basis of best rates for the best stability of structure, longevity of structure, upgradability of structure and serviceability of the structure. His prime concern is future proofing the structure that he is investing for.

GA Drawings

Not too bothered about GA drawings.

Involves himself in understanding the GA drawings along with the consulting engineer on board.


Demands erection on time, come what may. There is no effort to enable and facilitate good erection practices.

Is concerned for safety, process and time compliance for the desired erection. He insists on deputing an engineer to monitor work in progress. The deputed engineer ensures no hindrance in the erection work as far as availability of level land, accuracy of anchor bolts, determining the center line and easy access to Hydra for operation of erectors on site.

Handing Over ​

Is eager to start operations and earn money from the PEB shed with little or no worry about handing over formalities.

Follows a checklist to declare the completion of work and issues a certificate for the same to the PEB Vendor.

Ensures that the PEB Vendor gives a Structure Stability Certificate, as promised, during order confirmation.

Life Time Value

Maintains a relationship with the PEB vendor from transaction to transaction.

Facilitates a strategic relationship with the PEB vendor so that the latter becomes a life long PEB solution provider to the customer.

This does not mean that they do not check up with competition but always endeavor to give the first choice of refusal to its strategic PEB vendor.


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