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Pre Engineered Building is less Expensive than Conventional Civil Structure.

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

The Pre Engineered Building method is gaining massive attention in recent times due to its dynamic properties. Steel Buildings have proven themselves to be the safest, most stable, energy-efficient, and perhaps the Smartest Commercial Construction Method.

Metal Buildings have been accepted as the most reliable way of construction by corporations around the world. From small Scale Industries to Giant Conglomerates have trusted in this Smart Building Technique. We have listed the top 6 reasons for you that will help you to decide why Pre Engineered Buildings are the best choice for your commercial building.

1. Reduced Construction Time

Right from ideation, design, sourcing of construction materials, and then the execution, the conventional civil construction method is time-consuming. On the other hand, the name Pre Engineered Building itself explains that these buildings are Engineered before manufacturing. It consists of Primary structure, Cold formed structure, Secondary Items, Roof Panel, Wall Cladding & accessories (flashings).

These components are manufactured in an advanced PEB manufacturing plant and then executed at the site. This construction process is less time-consuming and requires less manpower. Therefore construction time of a PEB is much lesser than that of a conventional RCC structure.

2. Low Foundation Cost.

The Structural components of the Steel Building are light in weight. So, they do not require a heavy foundation to stand on. This reduces the cost of the foundation in a metal building whereas conventional Civil Structure is a heavy dead load therefore it requires a heavy foundation resulting in more construction cost of the foundation.

In conventional civil structures, the maximum bay spacing is 6 meters due to which the cost of the foundation is high whereas in Pre Engineered Buildings the economical bay spacing is 7.5 meters due to which the foundation cost of PEB is lesser.

3. High Tensile Strength and Durability of Steel Members

As we know that PEB is engineered prior to the manufacturing of the materials and execution. Therefore, all the safety measures such as Soil Bearing capacity (SBC), Seismic Calculations, Wind Calculations, Location preferences, etc. are taken into consideration very intensely so as to increase the durability of the structure against windstorms, Hail Storms, and Earthquake. Especially if you are operating in a high wind pressure area or an earthquake zone PEB is a great option so you don’t need to worry about it and you can focus on your main business.

4. Energy Efficiency

Commercial structures such as Industrial sheds, Dal Mills, Warehouses, and office buildings have huge power consumption in their day-to-day operations. PreFab buildings give you an edge by their features such as insulated sandwich panels for Cold Storage. Polycarbonate Sheet is fixed on the roof & Walls to get proper natural light inside the building. You get proper ventilation in Pre Engineered Buildings with the use of Turbo Ventilators, Ridge Vent, Industrial Louvers, Sheeted louvers, and Roof Monitor as per the requirement. These properties save a lot of air conditioning and heating costs.

5. Low Maintenance

Pre-engineered steel Structures are known for their low maintenance costs. Steel has high tensile strength as its an alloy it contains rust corrosion-resistant properties.

So, these metal buildings require very low maintenance. This translates to cost-saving over years.

6. PEBs are Green Buildings

PEB buildings are environmentally friendly having made up of recyclable material. After a course of time if you want to dismantle your building you can still sell your steel and get a good return out of your structural components. Whereas this is not the case with typical RCC structures.


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09 ago 2022

truly visionary

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Shalom Sundilla
Shalom Sundilla
18 jul 2022

Great Insight!

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zain khan
zain khan
18 jul 2022


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16 jul 2022

This surely makes a lot of sense for someone going in for a new warehouse.

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