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One of the most ignored factors while planning a Pre Engineered Building is the quality of paint used in the components of the building. PEB customers must know that the quality of the paint used on their Pre Engineered Building will define the strength of the building in long term. Using an optimum quality of paint reduces the chances of rusting the building and saves the building from unfavorable weather conditions. We have created a checklist for you to check if your Pre Engineered Building is Paintworthy or not.

Does your PEB vendor bother about the surface finish?

Checklist for Surface Finish of a PEB Structure

  • Shot blasting by a proper machine to give SA 2.5. (SA - Swedish Standard)

  • Cleaning of surface with hot compressed air.

Why is surface finish important for your PEB?

  1.  Mill scale, Dirt, Oil and Rust are integral part of any steel processed in the factory. This must be removed to ensure that paint is applied on the virgin surface of the virgin metal.

  2. The surface develops crests and valleys to make the same rough in order to hold the paint strongly. The Swedish standard SA2.5 is recommended and widely popular in good PEB structures.


Never allow your PEB structure to be sandblasted as per Pollution norms of Govt of India. If PEB vendor is not even sandblasting, he is saving at least Rs 1000/Ton cost and minimizing the life of paint on the PEB structure and therefore the PEB structure as well.


It is recommended to avoid Red Oxide on the surface before painting to ensure that the full surface is coated with paint to the extent of 80 - 100 microns

Does your PEB vendor use the right quality of paint?

Checklist for choice of the right quality of paint.

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