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For every single Rupee invested by the customer in PEB (Pre Engineered Buildings), the latter gets a higher value in terms of Structural Strength, Timely Delivery, Optimised Design, Organised Project Management, and People who understand PEB as a solution and not just a product. 

Rupee Worth
More Rupee per Rupee Worth
Buyer buys
Buyer buys screw down PEB structure
Get a structure where the roof leaks during the rainy season.
Leak proof roofs due to following: Screws used have passed 1000 Salt Spray Test Screws are screwed with the prescribed torque by using the right pneumatic tools Mastic Tapes are used at joints All Profile sheets are of same design and thickness leading to no mismatch and play between sheets
Buyer buys painted sections with 80 micron paint
Gets local non branded paint, painted on structures with little or no surface finish (through short blasting as per SA2.5 standards). The red oxide coat of 40 micron is topped with a paint of 40 micron.
Direct to Metal (DTM) branded paint (like Asian Paints, Jotun, Berger or Nippon) painted on finished surface (through short blasting) as per SA 2.5 Swedish standards and heat treated in an oven post painting for curing the same. This gives everlasting paint finish on the PEB structures.
Buyer buys YS 345 value of Yield Strength grade of Steel
Gets ES250 grade of steel even if the structure design demands a higher grade.
Gets ES350 grade of steel if the design demands.
Buyer buys a brand of Steel- Tata , JSW etc
Buyer gets the PEB structure made out of the brand of steel asked but from the Auction lot or Cut length lot.
Buyer gets the PEB structure made out of the brand of steel asked from its A grade lot. No auction or cut length lot is entertained.
Buyer places the order with a final delivery date specified
The PEB structure is delivered with a delay on some pretext or other.
The PEB structure is delivered as per the GANTT Chart shared with the client upfront at the time of confirming the order.
Buyers expects best erection practices to be followed on site
The PEB vendor neither has an Erection Manual, nor does it follow any best practices.
The PEB vendor follows best erection practices as per SOP’s specified in the Erection Manual.
Buyer expects Seller to have their own in-house design team.
The Design & Detailing team is outsourced by Seller resulting in delays in GA drawings and therefore the final delivery of PEB structure.
Seller has an in-house Design and Detailing team. This ensures that all timelines are maintained as per GANTT chart shared with the client at the time of booking the order.
Buyer expects time lines to be maintained as promised while confirming the order.
The manufacturing capacity of the Seller becomes a bottleneck to deliver goods on time.
The machinery infrastructure and the size of the godown of the seller ensures that capacity to produce never becomes a bottleneck in meeting delivery deadlines.
Buyer wants PEB Handyman services for after sales maintenance of the PEB structure.
The seller has no such facility available
The Seller provides after sales PEB Handyman services.
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